Appplication and flyer


Here's a link to a PDF of the flyer and application with tons of info about the upcoming Cuba trip!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Updates on deadlines

The signup date and deadline for deposit has been extended to the end of March. Download the brochure and application and get it in the mail right away.

There are actually two parts to the sign up procedure.
1. Apply to Study abroad and make your deposit by the end of March
2. Sign up for the LMC summer session of Art 73 in May, when registration opens. If you are signed up for the study abroad program, you will get into the class. It will not be an issue. LMC fees are listed here. The in-state tuition fee is $36. There is no textbook or lab fee.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A few tips for our trip

Passports, Visas and Tourist Cards:  You will need your passport when checking into the airport.  We will provide a Visa to enter Cuba.  Please keep these in a safe place and do not lose them!  You must show the tourist card exiting Cuba.
Once you arrive in Havana I would recommend you use the safe in your room.  It is only $1.00-$2.00 a day.  You can keep your passport as well as your money and valuables in there safely.
Weather in Cuba:  The weather in Cuba is a typical Caribbean climate, sunny, humid and warm.  There can be an occasional rainstorm that passes quickly, so it’s a good idea to have a light raincoat. A mid-weight raincoat is also recommended along with a small travel umbrella.  Sunscreen is advisable also.
Safety:  Havana is relatively safe but common sense travel wisdom is advised.  Please keep your backpacks closed, don’t wear flashy jewelry and carrying large sums of money with you and your passport is not advised.  Make a copy of your passport before you leave.
Bringing items back:  Under the new restrictions for Cuba implemented the summer of 2004, travelers to Cuba can only bring back informational materials which could be considered CD’S, books, films or tapes.  The purchasing of cigars and rum is prohibited and any materials technically can be confiscated by the US customs agents.  There are no limitations on informational materials.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tentative Schedule!

June 16 – June 23, 2012
Day 1. Primarily a travel day. Bring snacks and patience as air schedules are a little complicated. We will be sending exact travel dates, times and schedules in the departure package.

Day 2. We will meet in the morning in Old Havana and visit its historical center. We will visit a Fotoeca of Cuba. The history of photography in Havana dates back to 1840 we will examine the transformation of the society and culture through photography and walk the history laden 4 squares of Havana. We will try to visit a school time permitting.

Day 3. In the morning we will examine the photography that corresponds to the revolution of Havana. We will visit Modern Havana in Vedado. After lunch we will vist Mureando a community art project and also visit a family doctor and acromercado which is a Cuba free vegetable market. Time permitting we will visit a senior community center. In the evening we will visit Morro castle to experience the ritual of the cannon.

Day 4. We will visit Las Terrazas. This is a self-sustaining small community outside of Havana which will give us a chance to see some of the countryside. We will see small shops in homes and visit some natural spots.

Day 5. We will visit Regla and Guanabacoa, the towns and the museums. We will have a bit of lecture as well as experience the folklore of the area and an understanding of Santaria a religion that combines Voodoo and Catholicism.

Day 6. We will head for Varadero for a day on the way we will stop to visit Matanzas on the way. If all goes well lunch on the beach and visit highlights of Matanzas for some picture taking.

Day 7. We will visit an organic garden and learn to see how people of Havana have embraced organic gardening and herbal medicine. We will then have lunch. In the evening we will meet and discuss the process and the pictures taken with our teacher and guides and discuss the journey.

Day 8. Departure Home.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

About Curtis Corlew

I've loved photography since I got my first camera 1971. This love affair has taken me from exhibiting my work at the M.H. deYoung Museum in San Francisco to the sidelines of NFL football games, from political conventions to natural disasters, and from from the darkroom into the exciting world of digital photography.

As a professional photojournalist I enjoyed getting to look “behind the curtain” at concerts, theatrical productions and the lives of the people I photographed. As a newspaper photo editor I enjoyed working with young photojournalists and launching them on their own careers. Now, as an instructor, I live to pass on my passion for photography, and to help students learn to see, and photograph, like professionals.

When I'm not teaching, I like to take extended bicycle tours on which, not surprisingly, I chronicle photographically.

Announcing "Photography in Cuba"

Join photography professor Curtis Corlew for a week of location photography in Cuba.
You’ll learn how to hone both your technical skills and artistic skills as we explore the unique cities, landscapes and meet the people of Cuba. You’ll visit fascinating locations daily that most American’s can only dream of seeing, and learn techniques to help you capture the essence of each location. You’ll get individual feedback on your photographs and a chance to be part of our class-created book “Visions of Cuba”
Students need to supply your own digital camera and camera media cards.